Overall Update October 2016

So today is the 27th October and as I write this 7903 is tucked up in the shed and already being prepared for her winter maintenance. She has successfully completed the 60 contracted steaming so we are now free to do some of the outstanding tasks as we are not involved with the Santa Season unless a failure of another engine arises.

The screw reverser has literally just been removed and is going to Tyseley in the next few days for overhaul. The reverser whilst not too bad is knocking a bit so Tyseley are going to overhaul it for us. This has never had any attention other than cleaning and painting so Tyseley are going to probably make a new screw thread for it and generally attend to bushes etc. to put it back as new. This will be done and refitted before the end of November, at least that is the plan.

We have a steam leak on the drivers brake valve which has been removed for John Hancock’s attention. Again hopefully this will be a fairly quick job as well.

Mike Strange, a Wednesday gang regular has made two floor cover assemblies for the tender. The problem we had is that coal and coal dust was getting jammed down in the holes where the two water control valve rods disappear through the holes in the tender floor. This resulted in the water handles getting quite stiff. These two cover assemblies have removed that problem so the handles should stay nice and free.

I am talking to Tyseley about coming to Toddington and do some minor fettling on the firebox area as we have a few weeps, nothing very serious but just a bit to tidying up. Dinmore Manor and Foremarke will then have their annual boiler exams by the insurance man just to get them out of the way ready for the 2017 season. Ours will be early but operationally it will suit the GWSR better.

The other major task is to have a go at the Vacuum pump. It is supposed to pump on both strokes but the front valve fails to work. Rather strange as it worked okay when we in traffic before the overhaul. Anyway we are going to recut both valve seats make new valves and set it up as new. However to do that we have designed and had made a special cutter to save us having to remove the pump from the engine. That is in the final stages of being finished.

We also have a mechanical examination to do, plus we want to weigh the engine. We have installed in the internal pit at Toddington some load cells so we are able to weigh engines axle weights. We are then able to adjust them so they are as close to what they should be as possible. It is not a five minute job though.

We have already done some minor cleaning and lapping in of the snifting valves, Drain cocks and other minor bits and bobs purely to keep on top of things.

So all in all plenty to do but a successful first year back in traffic.

You will see elsewhere and via E mail that we have produced a calendar to help raise a bit of money for the engines ongoing support. There are a limited number so if you want one get your order in as soon as possible.