Update Christmas 2014/2015

As we approach Christmas a quick update on progress to date is worth mentioning.

Firstly the Exhaust pipes have been repaired by our contractor Adrian Grimmett.  You may recall from previous reports that this assembly has been removed for either repair or replacement. Plan A was to make a new one but difficulty in bending pipes to the correct shape would have been prohibitively expensive. So Adrian shot blasted the assembly which then clearly demonstrated it looked worse than it really was. He then surveyed the pipes for thickness of metal and found the corrosion was only one side of the assembly and that it was going to be possible to repair. In addition a large stress crack which almost certainly had been there since BR days could be also be welded up.  So the decision was to attempt to repair it, which he has successfully done. Once repaired we then had the whole assembly, still in the jig that Adrian had made to stop it moving whilst he was welding it, sent to a specialist to have it heat treated called normalising to remove any residual stresses in the assembly. On Saturday 20th of December it was delivered back to Toddington ready for us to refit to the engine’s exhaust box, which we will do very soon. Adrian has done us a really good job when others would have not taken it on!

The coupling rods have been refitted to the engine as that will be the easiest way to transport them to Tyseley, where we will remove them again for the white metal bearings to be overhauled. All the remedial work to the rods in terms of polishing has been completed so our work in this area is for now completed.

General work to the frames themselves is progressing well with the inner motion all painted and ready for refitting. This includes a brand new set of expansion links which will enable us to get a better setting of the valve timing once the engine is complete.  Painting is well advanced on the engine so painting on the tender is also under way. Still a long way to go but progress at a pace is being made.

As always money is still key so any last minute share purchases will be very welcome.    Here’s to a Steaming 2015!

Update 1st January 2015

On Saturday 27th December a small team of us re-installed the Exhaust steam pipes and refitted the smokebox saddle. It was a fantastic team effort and went remarkably easy, although a lot of careful planning went into the repair itself Etc. Meanwhile we had prepared the exhaust box by cleaning and painting, with me procuring the new bolts, 72 of them, along with washers and locknuts in readiness for the re-installation.

On Wednesday 31st December almost the same team put the finishing touches to the saddle before refitting the inner motion, along with two bogie oil pipes.

A really successful Christmas break with a vast amount done.

We wish you all a very Happy 2015!

John Cruxon, Locomotive Manager


July 2015 Update

The coupling rods are now all on.  One connecting rod is on the big end but the new gudgeon pin thrust washers need fettling so as it will go in the crosshead. The left hand side the big end bush has squeezed up a bit too much when put into the rod so needs a few thou skimmed out to make it a better fit on the crankpin. Tysley will no doubt sort these two things as the engine is immobile as it sits.

She has been turned ready for the bogie to drop out on the wheel drop.

The tubeplate is in place and will is about to be riveted. The flues in the copper tube plate have been tapped and sized so the bottle ends will be now underway.

They were fitting the stays yesterday (10/7/15) and the foundation ring is all riveted up

Report March 2015

 On Wednesday 4th March the frames departed for Tyseley for attention to the coupling rod and connecting rod bushes. These will be re-white metalled and machined to size. The rods have    already been cleaned up by our team at Toddy so should be a simple and straightforward job. In addition the eccentric’s will also be re-white metalled and then can be fitted. The four     eccentric rods are in final stages of painting at Toddington. Once finished they will be taken to Tyseley.

   So far we have completed the following

       1. The brake linkage overhaul is all complete other than final brake adjustment which cannot be done until the engine is fitted with the boiler and the ride height set.

       2. The exhaust manifold has now been fully repaired and is refitted to the frames.

       3. The new expansion links have been fitted and all the remaining motion stripped, inspected for wear, NDT tested for cracks, repainted and refitted.

       4. A new drawbar pin has been made and the drawbar hook has also been tested for any cracks or flaws. It has been painted and refitted.

       5. The overhaul of the front coupling hook is complete, with new shackles, crossheads, hook itself, and cup and rubbers hidden behind the buffer beam.

       6. A massive amount of cleaning and painting of both the engine and tender has taken place.

       7. The vast majority of the back head fittings have been cleaned, inspected, repaired as necessary and wrapped up ready for refitting

 There is still a lot of smaller work going on to keep the pace up of an early return to traffic.

John Cruxon

Locomotive Manager

The answer to the Home page riddle is that if you look closely you will see that the frames are loaded cab first initially when the driver realised that he would not clear some low bridges.  Sadly the operation had to be repeated all over again with the frames turned the other way