Hawksworth Tenders in Preservation

Since the original article in 2006 a contact at the Severn Valley Railway has confirmed the identity of the tender currently behind Hagley Hall in the Engine House at Highley and so I have updated this article.

History of the Hawksworth Tenders in Preservation.

According to one of the well respected researchers at GWS at Didcot only four original Hawksworth tenders entered Barry and these were

4983 Albert Hall took in tender no 4084. Currently running behind Foremarke Hall
5972 Olton Hall took in tender no 4100
5029 Nunney Castle took in tender no 4117 Currently behind Hagley Hall on the SVR
5051 Drysllwyn Castle took in tender no 4122

Out of the four that went in only two came out the others believed to have been sold as ingot carriers at the steel works. However none of the engines that went in with Hawksworth tenders left Barry with them. They all came out with Collet tenders. (At least I assume the tender behind what is now Rood Ashton Hall at Tyseley is a Collet?).

Of the two Hawksworth tenders that did come out one went to the SVR and is now behind Hagley Hall in the Engine House. The other, ours came out with Foremarke. We believe our tender is 4084 the one behind Hagley is 4117. When I last looked it was carrying the wrong identification plate although as I have said the SVR have confirmed the correct identification.

6998 Burton Agnes went to Didcot with tender 4078 straight from service. However there is a stink in the tale! There is also another Hawksworth tender in service behind Castle class Earl of Mountedgecombe at Tyseley. How?

Well when we had our tender all stripped down for restoration at Blunsdon we were made aware of a set of complete Hawksworth tender frames in good working order, albeit converted to a carrier for crane testing weights in Swindon works. If I recall accurately these frames cost £250 plus transport cost so a real bargain? We purchased the frames and once on site at Blunsdon put the frames back to their original use, mounting our repaired tank onto it. That was the tender you saw when Foremarke first went into service at the Swindon & Cricklade Railway and during the first few season’s at the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway. Foremarke now of course carries a brand new tank fitted in 2006.

The old frames and wheels were sold on and these frames now form the basis of the tender behind the Tyseley Castle. Add a new tank and hey presto another Hawksworth tender! That tender has been given the identification no of 4081 This was allocated by Tyseley based on the build lot number that was found on the frames during restoration.

A rare sight in preservation, not just a Hall (No 7903) & Castle (No 5051) double headed, but both engines coupled up to a Hawksworth tender at the GWSR Gala in June 2006