Well after a will she won’t she episode, 7903 is finally safely in the shed at Toddington.  It was scheduled to be loaded up at Tyseley on Thursday morning 10th March 2016 and arrive at Toddington around 2.00pm.  At mid-morning we got the message that the tractor unit pulling the trailer had broken down.  Our workgroup onsite as you can see below, busied itself with getting some of the parts ready to start bolting back on, not knowing whether we would actually see our engine that day.  Then the message came that they had left Tyseley at 3.00pm.  They eventually arrived at 6.00pm with the light fading fast.  I was keen to get some good video footage and just about managed to get some reasonable shots as they arrived.  What was amazing is that by the time 7903 was being winched off the trailer, it was just about pitch black and the quality of the video deteriorated accordingly.  Never mind, with the diesel shunter coupled up to Foremarke, we eventually arrived at our goal with our loco moved safely into the shed.