From Barry Wreck through Blood Sweat & Tears to  Living Machine
Don’t be fooled by appearances - that chimney is only fibreglass
Safely arriving at the Blunsdon depot of the Swindon and Cricklade Railway
On its way to Blunsdon , 7903 stopped off to be displayed at the annual Swindon Works Open Day
Somebody save me !
Resting in Barry alongside a small Prairie
AdieScutts0001.gif LoadedatBarry.gif
On our way
7903 about to be loaded onto Mike Lawrences’ trailer
No longer ‘Reserved’ but bought and paid for
StJohnsAmbulance0001.gif Barrydecay.gif
Here you can see the ravages to the tender of many years of exposure to salty air
during its stay in Woodhams scrapyard Barry
The St. John Ambulance declared the job beyond their scope
The late Adie Scutts who was responsible for so much of our early progress
An original Swindon Works boiler trolley that proved invaluable over the years
7903-2.gif 7903-LeavingBarry1.gif 7903-1.gif 7903-ArrivingBlunsden.gif 7903-LeavingBarry.gif 7903-ArrivingBlunsden2.gif 7903-3.gif
Engine & tender re-united at Blunsdon
Engine being winched up onto the trailer for its trip down the M4
And away she goes !
Colour version of 7903 on show in Swindon Works
It was certainly tight down the approach lanes to the S & C R
Someone’s Ford is in danger as 7903 is about to enter the railway