Archive photographs of Foremarke Hall operating in BR Days
4th May 1959 at Reading
with 10.00am Paddington to Birmingham
Photographer J C Beckett
Sepember 1963 Climbing in the Chilterns south of Saunderton with a  freight   Photo Brian Stephenson.
Passenger Service at Didcot station
Photo F A Blencowe
Date unknown
Light Engine Reading Station
Photo Ray Simpson
On 81A Old Oak Common shed
May 1956  Photo R C Riley
Date unknown Being Banked on  Freight working  the Lickey Incline. Photographer unknown
13th September 1952
East Wellington
6th September 1952 East Somerton Photo  Ray Simpson
August 1955 Totnes on a local passenger photo RK Blencowe
Inside Swindon Running Shed in 1963.
Photo Chris Webb
Steaming along Dawlish seafront Devon
Photo Dick Blenkinsop
Up coaching stock West Drayton
22nd March 1959  Photo Martin Smith
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